Disinfection Through Fogging System

What We Do?

Creating Safe And Healthy Environment

Every individual has an undeniable commitment towards keeping themselves and the environment hygiene. It is true that a lot of importance is being given to hygiene now as the world fights Corona virus. Based on what is known about COVID-19, the virus spread from person to person happens among close contacts. Cleaning of visibly unclean surfaces followed by effective disinfection method is a best measure for the prevention of this disease and other respiratory related disorders in households and office environments.

At Servco we make the job of cleaning and disinfection that significantly reduces the threat of infectious diseases among households and offices. The disinfection approach is based on the concept of risk assessment and risk prevention, and it constitutes Servco’s approved methodology for cleaning and infection designed in line with WHO, DHA, DM and UAE national disinfection guidelines against COVID-19.

Servco brings in the latest and the better way of disinfection through fogging in UAE that can be done very quickly and efficiently, and is highly suitable for disinfecting rooms and literally anything in your home or office. The fogging disinfection virtually reach every surface without wetting things down, and is safe to use around electronics and households etc. It works on non-porous surfaces as well such as the fabric and leather to hinder the growth of pathogens. You get the maximum coverage of areas that normally get missed and also get a high kill rate for all the bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other micro organisms that are hazardous for us. The efficacy of this fogging disinfection in preventing infectious risks is extremely accepted.

What We Consider?

There are some critical factors that we address before using this method

  • Identifying the areas where the fogging disinfection can be applied
  • Health and safety issues related to using this procedure
  • The practical considerations related to its use in office and household environment
  • The level of disinfection that the system can achieve
  • Adequate supervision to be available for the task until accomplished

Our experts keep households and office environment clean and safe using practices and products that are less hazardous to your health and environment. We offer the best fogging disinfection mechanism that can ensure less exposure to detectable surface organisms that cause diseases and much greater safety for you and your family.

Why Us?

  • Quick response
  • Immediate assistance
  • Compassionate care and personal touch
  • Trained experts
  • Assure complete customer satisfaction
  • Carefulness and privacy
  • Effective disinfection using fogging
Helping you create a cleaner and safer environment

Helping you create a cleaner and safer environment

To know more about our standard method of work and risk control measures that we adopt for cleaning and disinfection, you can click the links below.

Standard Method of WorkRisk Assessment

The disinfection procedure will be carried out under close administration by the supervisor. They also ensure the staffs are wearing task specific PPE’s and are properly following the guidelines as mentioned.